We Don’t Care

i don't care.jpg

They like us
We like them
They hate us
We love them

They harm us
We forgive them
They spite us
We don’t care

They love us
They hate us
We love ourselves
We don’t care

If We Were Us

if i was you

If I was you
If you were me
If they were us
If we were us

I would have done this
You would have done this
They would have done this
We would have done this

What have I done as I?
What have you done as you?
What have they done as they?
What have we done as we?

Be Yourself

We are all arts
Every art in the museum has it’s unique beauty
If you don’t represent your uniqueness,
Who will do that for you?

How will your beauty be seen?
We are all beautiful in our own ways
Be yourself
Love everything about you

Nurture your uniqueness,
So the world can see your beauty

Why do we act the way we do?


Why do we hate one another?
Why are we jealous of one another?
Why are we bitter at one another?
Why do we lack love for one another?
Why do others care for one another?
Why do others love one another?
What do we want for us?
What do you want for yourself?
Maybe it’s our different wants that make us act the way we do

How Right Are We?

Left or right on handsHow right are we?
I think I’m right
I think I’m wrong
I think I’m not sure I’m right or wrong

You are thinking the same
Others are thinking the same
But we all think we are thinking right
If we think we are all thinking right, Maybe we are all right

What is Life?


We should be familiar with this quote, “if life gives you lemon, make lemonade.”

The things we can’t explain, we call them life
The things we can explain, we call them life too
The opposite of death is life

Bad things happen
Good things happen
Nothing happens
Everything happens

That’s life
We are alive
We happen to us



Change cannot happen to us without us
But we can do without change
Change needs us
How important is change to you?

We decide when we need change
If you need change, go for it
Change doesn’t just happen
We make it happen

Past, Present, Future


Our future will eventually be our present
Our present will eventually be our past
Our past will be our history
Our future is our history
Since you can plan for the future, then you can make history
If the present is a gift, and human gift is a talent,
Then use your talent, plan your future so you can open your present, have a proud past and make history.

But Keep Moving


What do you love?
What do you wish for yourself?
What is stopping your wish?
What are you doing about it?
Doing what you love is a good feeling
Found what you love?
Compete with yourself
Be better than yesterday
But don’t be stopped
Keep moving
According to Martin Luther King Jr,
If you can’t fly, run
If you can’t run, walk
If you can’t walk, crawl
But by all means, keep moving.

Bad and Good


The bad love the good
The good love the bad
Bad gone good
Good gone bad

Bad is good and bad
Good is bad and good
Bad is encouraged to change to good or encouraged to remain bad
Good is encouraged to change to bad or encouraged to remain good

Are you bad?
Are you good?
Are you bad and good?
What are you encouraging?

My Memories


My memories smell like sawdust
They make me feel like they are happening presently and I’m not there
My memories
Sister to de javu
Brother to imaginations
Sometimes I ask myself what if memories never existed, how would we think since we think from what has happened.



I want to believe most people are scared of death and few are not.
The only reason I think anyone should be scared of death is because they don’t know if they are going to Heaven or hell. Then I can conclude that you are not scared of death. You are scared of dying in sin.
Death is part of your life, just the way you were born, like every injury, sleep e.t.c
Death isn’t a terrible thing.
Check yourself.