In Your Heart


Your heart beats for me
I love the sound of your heart beat
I dance to the sound of your heart beat
Your heart never stop beating for me

You adore me
You want me all to yourself
Your heart rips from the beat of me
I’m in your heart beat

Come My Way


How long has it been?
You want to be loved?
When was the last time you were loved?
Do you miss being loved?
Day by day you are alone in your thoughts because you don’t know when love will come your way
The urge increases day by day
How long has it been?

What Are They?

Is she/he kind?
She/he offers her love
They take it with arrogance and
The love never gets appreciated
Why don’t they appreciate her/his love?
They use her/his love and give her/him back in broken pieces
Is accepting the love necessary?
What are they?

The Mind Of Your Crush


The heart races when the eyes see you
The eyes takes a picture of your face when the eyelid blinks
Your face is stored in the mind
Now the mind can’t stop remembering you
The mouth can’t stop talking about you
Should I call?
Should I text?
What if my call or text is not returned
The mind says you are perfect
What does your mind say?
How will I see you again?…


The Man’s Possession

The man
Always with his gun
Ready to shoot
To shoot at anyone who wants to take his woman
His woman, his happiness
His woman, his soul completer
His woman, his broken rib
You take his woman, you take his happiness
You take his woman, you make him incomplete
You take his woman, he’s in pain because his rib is broken
He’ll shoot if you come near his happiness
He’ll shoot if you want to make him incomplete or put him in pains

Help! I’m Stuck On I


I’m stuck on I
I can’t let I go
Have fallen in love with I
If you want me to fall in love with you
Me will be jealous of you
Me would cry I might go
I’ll be sad because you might make I sad all because
Me don’t know if you’ll love me for who I am or who you are.