Race Yourself

race yourself.jpg

It is not a race with others
It is not a competition with others
It is a race with yourself
A competition with yourself

Don’t race yourself, race with others and be a loser
Compete with yourself be a winner
Lose to yourself, be a winner
Please don’t stop racing with yourself

Never Stop Sowing


Do your best
Leave the rest
Your best might be another person’s worst
Your worst, another person’s best

Do your worst and have low self-esteem
Do your best and have high self-esteem
Always sow right
So you reap right
But never give up on sowing
To do is better not to do

According to Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”.

Trust No Man

trust no man

Why do you trip when walking?
Why do you bite yourself when eating?
Why do you cut yourself when using the knife?
You don’t even trust or know yourself enough not to harm yourself
Put your trust in man and you are doomed forever


Your Struggles



Your struggles are who you are
Your struggles make you strong
Your struggles are like drugs
With time you will see the result of your drugs (struggles)
What type of drugs are you taking?
Hope they won’t kill you?
Where do you think your struggles are taking you to?
Don’t take too much drugs (struggles)
Don’t struggle too much
Make out time to rest
Never stop relying on your drugs(struggles) because they won’t fail you
and pray always…