How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship


A relationship that is not distant is seen sometimes as difficult not to talk of that which is  distant. In life, we don’t know why some things happen. But when they happen, we should always have a positive mindset and be grateful. In a long distance relationship, we should be grateful. In my post on how to live a healthy life, I wrote, Be grateful to God always. Being grateful and thankful always open doors of greatness and opportunities. Keeping a relationship, does not only mean for it to last forever. It’s not how far but how well – Dave Dorr. Keeping a relationship, distant or not, we should focus on how to make the relationship favourable for you both.

Love is the first thing you need it to successfully keep a relationship. You have to constantly work on yourselves in other not to loose interest in each other. There are sometimes where you find yourself loosing interest in your partner. Those feelings are normal but it is abnormal when you react wrongly to the feeling. How you react to the feelings determines our level of maturity and level at which we love our partner. When we begin to loose interest in our partner, we should understand the feeling in normal and know that he or she is still our partner and we are suppose to love and care for our partner regardless of any feelings. When we practice the habit of constant showing love, our mind and body gets use to it and we begin to notice we love our partner frequently.

Self Control: When your partner is away, there some urges like sex urge or the urge to feel companion from the opposite sex. When we cheat, it can ruin the relationship and that is the last thing we want. While stumbling through the internet, I found this link which should help you resist from cheating how not to cheat on your partner from psychology today

Understanding is key in any type of relationship. What does understanding entails? Knowing your partner, the kind of personality he or she posses, what he or she loves and hate, what he or she dislikes or likes about you and other people. Frequently and always maintaining what he or she loves and removing what he or she dislikes, managing these personalities between each other. How to better understand your partner  by from psychcentral

Maturity: Without maturity, we would not be able to perfectly keep any type of relationship. We are not perfect but we should constantly check ourselves to be better than what we were and help our partner to be a better person and not better than him or her and be supportive. My post on how to be mature will help you more on the area of maturity. How to be mature.

How to be a great partner to your spouse.
How to find your life partner.

Responsibilities of Parents to Children


The title of this post is responsibilities as parents not as individuals to children i.e mother to children or father to children but as parents to children meaning both the mother and father working together. We might think sometimes we only have individual responsibilities to the children but we are wrong. For example, a football team has to work together to have a great football team, the leaders of a country has to work together to have a good, happy and great country. The same goes for the parents to children. The parents have to also work together to have the best children they can ever imagine for themselves and for the society.  There’s a popular saying, “If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far, go together”

Before parents get married, I expect there should have at least being a common understanding about each others personalities and other necessary things. Parents first need to come together, understand what each of them want for their children, scrap out the unnecessary things and keep the things that are necessary for the upbringing of the children together as this will bring about unity and great work of upbringing of the children for their satisfactions as parents which should help in the children’s healthy living and growth as a family.

The Responsibilities of Parents to Children

Religion and Spirituality: This is the first and the most important responsibility to the children. The basis of us on this earth stands on religion and spirituality. Taking your children to church, teaching them the ways and behaviours of a christian life is one they will not be able to do without because relating to one another requires good behaviour and a sense of maturity.

Education (School): As parents, the second most important thing you can ever give to your children is sending them to good and sound schools. Why good and sound schools? In one of my posts, titled philosophy of education I wrote, “Education is the transfer of quality information. The future is in what we give out. How you educate someone determines how the future will be. Your society is determined by the quality of information that is transferred among one another.
Information spreads like a celebrity’s leaked nude picture and information can get distorted the way a nude picture can be photo shopped.
Most of the life experiences of your kid(s) come from the school(s) they go to.
What type of school(s) do you send your kid(s) to? The school(s) that the lecturers sleep in class rooms? Or the school(s) that the lecturers don’t know half of what they are teaching? Or the schools that overlook bad behaviours?
What future do you want for your kid(s)?” The behaviours your kids are likely to show are behaviours from home and school and that is why you should send them to good and sound schools and that is why education the the second most important thing you can give to your children as parents.

Love: If not love as the third most important, then what else? In one of my posts titled your children not yours, I wrote “Your children are given to you for the main time
They don’t belong to you
They came from you
Love and teach right them , let them go, let them make mistakes
They will learn from your teaching
They will thank you
They will love you”

When as parents, you show your children love, they will learn from you, live happy, stay great and you will end up developing the best children for yourselves as parents and also for the society.

Lastly, self development: The moment we stop learning is the moment we are dead. Because as parents this is one of the responsibilities you give to your children, you have to also be learning to also self developed yourselves as parents for continuous healthy living in the family. Self development in terms of teaching the male children the developments of a man and female children developments of a woman e.g Marriage and Courtesy.


How to have a Healthy Relationship with Friends and Family


Because I cannot exist without you
Because you cannot exist without me
Because we cannot exist without each other

Mastering the art of having a good relationship with friends and family is one we cannot do without. There are two ways which I think will help you master the art of having good relationship with friends and family. To be able to master the art of having a good relationship with friends and family you need to understand yourself first. Understanding yourself will lead you to know what your personality can handle, kind of people you can relate with and know what you are capable of or not.

Understanding others from how they dress, talk, behave, where they go, what they eat e.t.c is the second way of having a healthy relationship in which it will allow you to be able to handle things better with less or no arguements, know your boundries with others, you will know where you are suppose to be or not, you will know how to behave in certain events.

After successfully understanding yourself and understanding others, having a healthy relationship with friends and family will be at your finger tips. i.e easy as ABC


How Important is Marriage?


Based on the societial construct, marriage in the past was as important as eating. Marriage was one that was always looked forward to. But marriage now, is being treated with almost no importance. Youths are frustrated because there are alot of things to meet up to and alot of things on our minds e.g  making ends meet, having a balanced social life, taking care of ourselves, trying to satisfy friends and family and so on. Compared to the youths of the pasts, we have more things to meet up that make us not to think about marriage or the importance of marriage.
Ask yourself this question
What is the importance of marriage?
Write your answer on a piece of paper. You’ll need it for the next questions.
What was your answer?
Judging from your answer, how important is marriage to you?
Most of the time, we need to check from our perspective first to be sure we are not the cause of our problems.
In my own opinion, the purpose of marriage is for self developement, companionship, love, care and parenting. We stop learning the moment we die. Being in marriage will enable us to learn more, be a better person for ourselves and for others. Like the popular saying, “Two heads are better than one”. To be alone most times according to research is not healthy.

Do you want to improve on yourself, feel loved, cared for, have a feeling of parenting and have a companion? Looking for that partner to grow with? Then read my posts on how to find/know your life partner and how to be a great partner to your spouse. Make a comment stating the importance of marriage in the comment section to help me and others.

How to be a Great Partner to Your Spouse


Telling you how to be a great partner to your spouse is difficult for me to address because it is only the person that’s wearing the shoes that knows how it hurts. I will only do it based on what I think the type of size of leg should be wearing the shoes on your legs.

In playing team games, one bad player can make the whole team lose and one good player can make the whole team win. Being in a relationship is like being in a team game. The only difference is you are not playing against other couples but against your marriage life, future, presentation of one’s self.

I believe with this paragraph you just read, you should have and idea of the characteristics of being a great partner. If you are in a partnership with someone to win a game, you will have to do the necessary things that position requires you to do to win that game. You cannot be the goal keeper of a football team and not do your best. Your whole team would lose whether the others did their best or not if goals are scored in the post. I assume we all know that the goal keeper is suppose to keep the ball from not entering the post but the goal keeper going to score a goal against the other team in a match is also possible.

Relating the goal keeper scoring a goal against the other team with being a great partner means you might not have to be in your comfort zone to be a great partner. Sometimes you have to do extra to be a great partner and have that perfect home.

Know your position, know your partners position, understand your yourself, understand your partner. Great team work can be achieved effectively by doing your responsibilities.

How To Find/Know Your Life Partner

Soulmates And Life Partners.jpg

This topic will most likely get some attentions aroused. Why? Because of pressure of marriage from family and friends, to feel loved, to be proud, early marriage and for some other personal interests. In a nutshell, to feel good.

I advice that you read my posts on how to love, requirements of a perfect relationship and how to know you are lust in love before you continue reading this. Because it will be a bit difficult to find your life partner when you don’t understand the true meaning of having a life partner and what it entails.

People say the truth is bitter. Which means, to know your life partner means you are ready to take the truth. Well the truth does not really have to be bitter but the truth can be anything. Knowing your life partner equals knowing anything i.e being able to take anything the relationship throws at you. It is called a life partner not half life partner. Now you know the marriage vows are not there for show off.

To know your life partner also means that you know who you are and what suits you. Don’t know who you are? Check my post on what is your prediction to have an idea of who you are.

I can conclude this write up that finding your life partner will enable you to find yourself first. Through inspiring or englightening yourself by educating yourself (Going for forums, reading e.t.c) and Praying. How will your life partner find you if you are lost? How will you find your life partner if you are lost?





The Psychology Of Love

Why do you love something?
Love is the mental connection to a thing.
When you love something, it means your brain arouses towards that thing.
Why does your brain arouse towards that thing?
Would you wish you could select what your brain arouse to?
Would you wish your brain never arouse for something?
In a nutshell, to love is not a good neither is it a bad.
Its either you are loving, not loving, being loved or not being loved.
Which one do you fit in?

How To Know You Are Lust In Love


What is lust? Most of us don’t know the meaning of lust. “Lust according to wikipedia is a psychological force producing intense want for an object, or circumstance fulfilling the emotion. Lust can take any form such as the lust for sexuality, money or power Are you in lust or in love?” By this definition, love isn’t an intense want. You don’t know if you are in love? You want to know if you are in love or in lust? What is the difference between lust and love? “There is no two ways about love. It is either you are loving or not loving” – Seun Oguntonade in loving the wrong way.

To be in love is accompanied with being mature. Learn how to me mature and how to love here With the above definition, you should be able to tell if you are lust or in love.


Requirements Of A Perfect Relationship


Anybody should want a perfect relationship. How perfect is your relationship? Rate the perfection of your relationship when you are done reading.

Sex – Before you can have sex with a human being, you have to communicate and probably understand each other. Except you want to rape. The act of sex is when you are spiritually connecting with someone. 5%

Understanding – This means to respect someone’s perspective about life. If you cannot do anything to better that perspective just understand.   Continue reading

How To Love

how to

Love is not the want for a relationship, marriage, image or money.
Love can be expressed beyond just appreciating someone’s appearance and money.
When you see beyond the results, you are loving. You can see beyond the results which are money and appearance by appreciating the steps in which the money was gotten and the looks where achieved. (The hard work).

Appreciating the steps means you care and you are supportive. In my opinion, loving this way is hard because you might have to go out of your casual ways to notice the steps. Going out of your causal ways for more than one person is stressful which will make cheating to be irrelevant.
To love can be stressful but when you love the one for you, you won’t feel stress of any sort.
I hope you find the one for you.



The least cherish-able love
The most respected love
The most needed but selfishness pushes it away
A friendship love is one that comforts the mind
To be comforted by the love of friendship is important because of it unique way of making you feel alive
To feel alive is to feel great, appreciated, loved, content…..

My Advice To Men On Marriage


In my opinion, based on one of the societal constructs, which is “ladies should keep and nurture themselves for marriage, for her husband and herself” has been taken for granted by some men trying to build a fake trust with a lady and later putting the lady in complete disappointment which has made the men to be miscreants, misuse themselves and misuse the women.

This behaviour may allow the rise of the women to let their pain to be noticed by raising a voice in which this protest might allow women to want to be the head over the men which will result in men loosing their rights and pride as a man.

Commitment is not a prison rather it is something that can bring pride and honour to yourself.
Abide before your woman/women starts to say you/you all are good for nothing!

The Voice Of A Woman

The voice of a woman is in the way she walks, sits, dresses, her facial expressions and obviously the voice of a woman is her voice.
The voice of a woman is one that cannot be overlooked easily.
A woman was formed from a man causing the man to lack completion if he doesn’t have that voice. Then you can say a woman is naturally important and naturally emits care. (Unarguably)
The receiver of a care is one that has the brain of a baby which is unknown to the woman and the receiver of the care.
Because is its unawareness of the naturally care of a woman and the baby brain of the receiver, I can conclude that that’s why a woman’s voice is not appreciated.
A woman’s voice is powerful because it turns your brain to that of a baby’s
Men, you are powerless without the powerful voice.