My 1st Sunday Of 2018 Experience


I was unable to post this two days ago which was the 1st Sunday of 2018 because I adjusted the days in which I post here.
Because it was 1st Sunday of 2018, I wore what I thought was the most beautiful cloth in my closet. One of Nigeria’s Native attires, A cream iro and buba that has touches of purple in a flowery form. The iro looks like a wrapper that is usually wrapped over the buba which is the top (The buba which is a bit free, round neck and long sleeve) on the waist flowing down to your feet. I matched my attire with cream court heels.

On getting to the church which is 5mins drive from where I live,  I began to see people who were probably dressed for Sunday service looking happy. As I stepped into the church, An usher ordered me upstair because the main auditorium was already full which is unusual when I’m just 10mins late Continue reading

My Butterfly


I was sitting alone in a garden when I saw a black butterfly with touches of blue that perched by my side which I payed no attention to. 5 minutes later, the butterfly flew and perched on a stone a bit distant behind me. The urge to pay attention to the butterfly was there but I was too busy to do that.

Before I knew it, I found my self playing around with the butterfly. When I try to move, the butterfly flies away. Some times it would come close to me when I don’t move. Then I would move a little for it to fly away. I played like that with the butterfly until it flew away with no trace of it and I went back to my work. Before I could start working, I saw the butterfly coming towards my direction in which it perched by my side again.

If the butterfly was a human being, It would be a best friend I would love to have.

Her Dream Love


It was a rainy saturday evening, she was home alone with no electricity. She sat on the couch that was beside the window where her thoughts were away from her surroundings. It was a bit dark because all windows and window blinds were closed.

He said words could not explain his love for her. He was a man of standards, his height was to her taste, dark, employed, stays alone. The way he looks at other women was as if they don’t exist.

He says to her, with his slightly deep voice as he looks radiant and happy always while she feels lucky and smile. Continue reading

Sweet Pain

A very wealthy man who was happily married with one daughter. He loved his family so much words could not explain. This wealthy man wanted a son but his wife has been unable to conceive.
His wife told him to try his luck with another woman thinking he might be lucky to get another child specifically a son. The wealthy man went ahead to go with his wife’s suggestion after constantly trying to disagree with her suggestion but his wife insisted.
One year later, after the delivery of his son from another woman, his wife and daughter were on their way to see his son.
On getting there, they had an accident and they both died

The Hunted Soul


Aduke, a virgin girl who lived in a small village that is surrounded by thick bushes, heard an unusual noise which she thought came from her kitchen while she was sleeping in her room. She decided to take a bold step in finding out what could have caused the noise. She stood up from her bed, opened the door which divides her room and her kitchen, to her surprise, she saw a man holding an eighteen inches sharp-pointed knife, dressed in all red gown reaching his toes with a drawing of the skeleton skull in white colour on the front view of the red gown and a painted face in white colour. Immediately without thinking, she took to her heels, came out of her hut, knocked at several villager’s doors but there was none to help. Continue reading

My Imagination About Women


Imagine a woman wearing a white armless jabot collar top, buttoned up and tucked in on a grey three-quarter skirt dressed with a mixture of grey, black, white pencil heels which has a pointed mouth standing in between a opened door of a car and the body of that same car, talking to one of her employees.
The car which is a 2017 Mercedes Benz E350 painted all black with black interiors, self-employed woman who owns a 7 bedroom duplex designed with red bricks and granite stones, a compound with interlocking stones and beautiful trees, married with five children, 2 boys and a triplet (All girls) who gets all the respect she can ever imagine and educate people on how to be like her.



When I woke up this morning, my dad asked me to do something for him at Ikota urgently, I rushed, took my bath, dressed up and off I went.
On my way back I saw a boy on a white round neck t-shirt and a jean shorts with a girl wearing a long jean trouser and a pretty leopard top tucked in. Just a few seconds later they hugged and parted ways. But the urge for the girl to look back was beyond her imagination. She looked back and saw that the young boy was lost in his contentment with her, she smiled and the boy blew her a kiss with his hand.
I saw contentment and satisfaction from that young man. It was as if life without that particular girl will never be complete for him.