Think Big


think big

While reading Ben Carson’s think big book, I was inspired by the message from the book and got an inspiration to share the message I gained from my perspective.

If you think you cannot be successful or you don’t have the capabilities to dream big and achieve greatness, then you should ask yourself why you think you cannot be successful or have the capabilities to dream big and achieve greatness. If thinking big and achieving greatness feels scary to you then you are on the right path because if your dream doesn’t scare you, it is not big enough. If your dream is small, and you end up achieving your dream when it is small, you won’t have the feel of greatness. It is big and feels scary for a purpose. Never think small because thinking small gives no feeling of achievements and greatness.

Greatness by the name implies, great which can mean big. To achieve greatness, you have to be ready to think big and achieve big. Big can feel impossible or scary and that is why when done, it feels like greatness.

Why think small? because small is easy? and big is difficult? or because you think greatness is for some certain people? or you think greatness is not for you? In some of my posts titled take it or leave it, to make is to break and to break is to make? e.t.c I stated that whatever we think of something is what it will be. If you think you cannot do something then you cannot do it, if we think something is difficult, then it will be difficult and if you think something is small then it is small. Or you think greatness is not for you then it is not for you except get lucky. To have a positive mind is compulsory for a balanced emotional life and mind. The mind is very powerful

What is your dream? For those that don’t have a dream, set one now as you are reading this post and put it down is notebook and start working towards it. Scared of your dream? not sure you will be able to achieve your dream? Those feelings are normal. Your dreams are suppose to scare you. According to the popular quote, if your dream doesn’t scare you, then it isn’t big enough. There would be ups and down (bad and good times) because if there isn’t ups and downs, then your dream is small and you won’t feel greatness. You have to go through the struggle. It’s the struggle that makes you feel great. If you ignore the struggles then you are not doing something right.

The average thinking of greatness is to be rich but greatness does not only mean being rich but having a meaningful, rewarding and significant life. Your thinking about achieving big is difficult should not be thought about anymore. Wish you all the best in your life endeavours

How to be a Great Teacher


According to Wikipedia, a teacher (also called a school teacher or, in some contexts, an educator) is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. The job of a teacher is great it’s self, If you are a teacher, I can say you are doing a great job/profession. To decide to be a great teacher only shows how great you are already because you have decided to want to not only improve on yourself but to help others to be better. I am an inspirational writer (guidance and counselling) in which I fall into the category of teaching. Though this write up is about how to be a great teacher but what I’m really intending to teach is “my idea” on how to be a great teacher. We all have different ideas, I can learn from you, you can learn from me. I’m not the best among others but I’m the best of myself and still learning and practicing to always be a better version of myself in which I hope you do the same.

To be a great teacher, one needs to first understand that it is a serious-minded job and one needs to be serious-minded. To understand that it is a serious minded job and one needs to be serious-minded, has qualified you to the next stage of being a great teacher. Serious-minded, according to oxford dictionaries means sincere, solemn, or thoughtful in character or manner. What is your definition of great? To have a common mind about being great in this write up because great has a lot of definitions. I will define great in this write-up as being excellent at what you do.

The job of a teacher, requires one to deal with people, their physical and mental capabilities. If you remember, I wrote one needs to first understand that teaching is a serious-minded job and one needs to be serious-minded. To deal with people and their physical and mental capabilities, one obviously has to be serious-minded. Dealing with one’s physical and mental capabilities of a person means developing, growing and building a human being. Without being taught one way or the other while growing up, we probably would have all been barbarians. The teaching profession, is one that carries a lot of responsibilities, good qualities and morals.

How to be a Great Teacher

Learn and perfect the skill of understanding people: The main purpose of learning the skill of understanding people is because you will need it for addressing people properly. When you understand people, addressing, talking to others properly will help better teaching. Understanding the kind of people they are, what they like not what you like or what you want for them and imposing it on them, where they come from, their perspective about life will make you a great teacher. Knowing these things, will improve your teaching skill (Passing knowledge) and people will see you as an understanding person which is very important for the profession.

Correct for the purpose of learning: You can correct nicely but being always nice is not good. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Not all the time you use the rod. We should know when to correct nicely and when to correct with the rod. One way one can use the rod is when the student has really messed up. When a student is wrong, correct only for the purpose of the student to understand and learn. If you correct but the student does not know why, it’s a wasted effort.

Give compliments and have time for fun: At the end of any work done properly, a teacher should have the habit of complimenting the student. As this will help in the child’s better living and your recognition. According to the popular saying, all work and no play make jack a dull boy. The students should also be allowed to have a good amount of fun.

Motivate: This is one main quality every teacher should possess. The skill of motivating. Telling your students they can do it always is very important in the profession of teaching. Never bring them down or make them feel incapable or not good enough but rather motivating them properly according to their talents. The teachers themselves need motivation as no one is perfect. I sometimes read motivational quotes when I need to get inspired when I feel down and they work perfectly well for me.

Be ready to learn from your students: Everyone is a teacher and the purpose of teaching is to learn from the teacher. To be ready to always be a student to your students will improve you mentally, physically and be a better version of yourself.

Lastly and most importantly, Be Generous: Because a teacher deals with people, a teacher needs to be generous, show love always, have a happy face, a forgiving heart and above all be noble and classy.

To be a great teacher, one needs to possess these qualities always and be recognized with them. I can guarantee you that if you always possess this qualities, you will be a great teacher. Ideas are appreciated and welcomed from you in the comment section to help me, others and you.

I will close this write up with this popular saying, “Teaching is the mother of all professions”

Sex Education


In my own perspective, most times when youths hear about sex education, they have this insecure feelings towards the topic. Why such insecurities? Some are shy of the topic because of our different persons, some are confident about the topic, some feel terrified e.t.c but in general context, most are insecure because of how the society has made or described sex education to be.

Let’s all have a common understanding about sex education. When you hear of sex education what comes to your mind first? Let me assume sex? only sex? and sex?. Sex education does not only have to do with sex. Sex education is a very broad topic in which sex is one of the subjects of sex education. The other topics under sex education are (from what is sex education in planned parenthood)

  • Human Development (including reproduction, puberty, sexual orientation, and gender identity)
  • Relationships (including families, friendships, romantic relationships and dating)
  • Personal Skills (including communication, negotiation, and decision-making)
  • Sexual Behavior (including abstinence and sexuality throughout life)
  • Sexual Health (including sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and pregnancy)
  • Society and Culture (including gender roles, diversity, and sexuality in the media)

The purpose of this write up, is for you hear sex education and not only think about sex but to widen your knowledge to know that sex education not only has to do with sex. In which that has been done in the bullets above and to hear sex education and not feel insecure.

To not feel insecure about sex education when you hear the topic, is to know that sex is a normal way of life in marriages. If you hear sex education and you feel insecure, how do you expect to learn more about sex education with the insecurity feelings? To not feel insecure about sex education when we hear it is one of the characteristics of maturity. In which I believe to be mature is a great thing and maturity is something everyone would want to be recognized with.

Because it is a thing of the mind to feel insecure about a certain thing, it would be a gradual process or gradual learning of enlightening yourself to have a solid foundation and to know that sex education is just as normal as eating, breathing and sleeping. As learning is a gradual process, whatever you want to achieve, you have to set your mind to it and start Now! by reading articles on the internet. There are a lot of websites that describes sex education widely. One website I will recommend is wikihowsexeducation

With this article, your insecurities about sex education, should be 10% gone, the other 90% starts with you because according to the popular saying, you can take the horse to the water but you cannot force it to drink.

Responsibilities of Parents to Children


The title of this post is responsibilities as parents not as individuals to children i.e mother to children or father to children but as parents to children meaning both the mother and father working together. We might think sometimes we only have individual responsibilities to the children but we are wrong. For example, a football team has to work together to have a great football team, the leaders of a country has to work together to have a good, happy and great country. The same goes for the parents to children. The parents have to also work together to have the best children they can ever imagine for themselves and for the society.  There’s a popular saying, “If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far, go together”

Before parents get married, I expect there should have at least being a common understanding about each others personalities and other necessary things. Parents first need to come together, understand what each of them want for their children, scrap out the unnecessary things and keep the things that are necessary for the upbringing of the children together as this will bring about unity and great work of upbringing of the children for their satisfactions as parents which should help in the children’s healthy living and growth as a family.

The Responsibilities of Parents to Children

Religion and Spirituality: This is the first and the most important responsibility to the children. The basis of us on this earth stands on religion and spirituality. Taking your children to church, teaching them the ways and behaviours of a christian life is one they will not be able to do without because relating to one another requires good behaviour and a sense of maturity.

Education (School): As parents, the second most important thing you can ever give to your children is sending them to good and sound schools. Why good and sound schools? In one of my posts, titled philosophy of education I wrote, “Education is the transfer of quality information. The future is in what we give out. How you educate someone determines how the future will be. Your society is determined by the quality of information that is transferred among one another.
Information spreads like a celebrity’s leaked nude picture and information can get distorted the way a nude picture can be photo shopped.
Most of the life experiences of your kid(s) come from the school(s) they go to.
What type of school(s) do you send your kid(s) to? The school(s) that the lecturers sleep in class rooms? Or the school(s) that the lecturers don’t know half of what they are teaching? Or the schools that overlook bad behaviours?
What future do you want for your kid(s)?” The behaviours your kids are likely to show are behaviours from home and school and that is why you should send them to good and sound schools and that is why education the the second most important thing you can give to your children as parents.

Love: If not love as the third most important, then what else? In one of my posts titled your children not yours, I wrote “Your children are given to you for the main time
They don’t belong to you
They came from you
Love and teach right them , let them go, let them make mistakes
They will learn from your teaching
They will thank you
They will love you”

When as parents, you show your children love, they will learn from you, live happy, stay great and you will end up developing the best children for yourselves as parents and also for the society.

Lastly, self development: The moment we stop learning is the moment we are dead. Because as parents this is one of the responsibilities you give to your children, you have to also be learning to also self developed yourselves as parents for continuous healthy living in the family. Self development in terms of teaching the male children the developments of a man and female children developments of a woman e.g Marriage and Courtesy.


A Guide to Success



I have written quite a number of posts that will help you to succeed. They are create yourself, self productivity, but keep moving, it is not impossible, what do you think you are doing with your life, stay focused and so on. But adding one, two or three points to the listed posts above will also greatly help in achieving success.

When you woke up this morning, what where the things you planned to achieve today?, this month?, or this year? If you do not plan everyday towards your goals, I advice you include planing as part of your strategy to success.

Why planning? Planning because it would help you to achieve more daily, monthly and yearly, help you to be focused and address things of importance and things of non-importance. The link below will give you a guide to a successful future from wikihow “Plan for a successful future“. For me, I plan by executing the most important things first, go for a break and execute the least important things. Depending on our persons, you can execute the least important things first, go for a break and most important but without allowing laziness to be in our plan.

If what you always say is I will do it later, I will do it later, I will do it later, then it is better to say I will never do it than deceive yourself. Avoid procrastination. It brings about backwardness and big fail. Gratification which is the opposite of delay gratification is one thing we should also avoid because the main work will never be accomplished properly. When all you do is the easiest work because you are lazy, then when it’s time to execute the big work, you will end up unproductive. Procrastination and gratification are things that we should not welcome when we want to succeed.



To be Rich or To be Rich?


To be content with what you have automatically makes you one of the richest men or women in the world.


There are lots of definitions of RICH but I will focus on just two.

According to Cambridge’s dictionary, the first definition which I assume we all know is having a lot of money or valuable possessions. The second definition I chose to focus on is having a strong, pleasing or attractive way in sound, smell, taste or colour.

To be rich (Money) does not necessarily mean you are rich (Attractive). Well it all depends on us i.e what we want for ourselves, which is to be rich (Money) or to be rich (Attractive) or both.

You can be rich (Money) and still be Poor (Unattractive). You can be poor (No money) and be rich (Attractive). Choose your actions wisely and set your priorities right. Ask yourself this question. To be rich (Money) or to be rich (Attractive)?. If you ask me, I’ll say to be rich (Attractive). There’s a popular saying “Dress how you want to be addressed”. If you are rich(Money) and look Poor(Unattractive), people will address you the way they see you which will make you confused because you are rich(Money) but they treat you like you are poor(Unattractive).

To emphasize on being rich(Attractive), To be rich(Attractive) means your behaviour, looks are good and decent and your body, mind and soul are healthy.

You can have all the money in this world and still be treated with utmost disrespect, not loved and with no importance because your looks and behaviours are poor (Unattractive). If you read my post on the psychology of money, you will know how important money is. The way money is important to us, is the way attractiveness of our behaviours, looks, body, mind and soul is important and that is why we should nourish our personality and looks always. Personality which addresses the area of contentment. When you are content with what you have, you are one of the richest men and women in the world

What can be rich(Money) for you, might be poor(Money) for me and vice versa.
In conclusion, to be content is the foundation of any type of riches and happiness.

The quotes below will help you get more ideas and understanding about contentment.
I am content; that is a blessing greater than riches; and he to whom that is given need ask no more.” ― Henry Fielding
We need much less than we think we need.” ―  Maya Angelou
Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.” ― Lao Tzu
Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.” ― Pearl S. Buck
Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough” ― Oprah Winfrey

Never Stop Sowing


Do your best
Leave the rest
Your best might be another person’s worst
Your worst, another person’s best

Do your worst and have low self-esteem
Do your best and have high self-esteem
Always sow right
So you reap right
But never give up on sowing
To do is better not to do

According to Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”.

It is not Impossible


While growing up, there were some things I saw as impossible, outrageous or things I might not be able to do e.g having confidence, public speaking, be outspoken or showcasing a work. I want to assume some or most of us are or were like that. I have heard these quotes countless of times “There’s nothing that is impossible” and “You are good enough” but deep down I never really got convinced.

Looking back at how far have gone with this blog, showcasing my work and having confidence, I decided to inspire the world on believing in yourself, not look down on yourself like the way I used to, never think your work will never be good enough, never think you are not good enough or never think you can never achieve what you set your mind to do and nothing is impossible.

Never thought or saw myself as someone that would be a writer or an inspirational writer, I started writing/blogging last year October 28, Now, my blog has 55 followers, getting recognition from different countries and search engines and gets lots of complements which makes me feel happy and proud of myself. I decided/chose not to be scared, timid, care about what people will say or think of my writings negatively. As I started, I was not perfect, still not perfect, no one is perfect. I’m still learning to be better than what I was yesterday and achieve my goals.

It always seems impossible until it is done – Nelson Mandela
To believe a thing is impossible, is to make it so – French Proverbs
We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.” – Vince Lombardi
The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking.” – Robert Schuller

Do it now and be better than yesterday
Never do it and be in regrets.
Nothing is impossible. You can do what ever you set your mind to. You are the best at being you. Nobody can be better at being you.

In one of my posts titled be yourself, I wrote,

“We are all arts
Every art in the museum has it’s unique beauty
If you don’t represent your uniqueness,
Who will do that for you?”

I hope with this write up, I have been able to convince you that you can achieve anything you dream of, you are good enough and nothing is impossible.

Be Yourself

We are all arts
Every art in the museum has it’s unique beauty
If you don’t represent your uniqueness,
Who will do that for you?

How will your beauty be seen?
We are all beautiful in our own ways
Be yourself
Love everything about you

Nurture your uniqueness,
So the world can see your beauty

How to have a Healthy Relationship with Friends and Family


Because I cannot exist without you
Because you cannot exist without me
Because we cannot exist without each other

Mastering the art of having a good relationship with friends and family is one we cannot do without. There are two ways which I think will help you master the art of having good relationship with friends and family. To be able to master the art of having a good relationship with friends and family you need to understand yourself first. Understanding yourself will lead you to know what your personality can handle, kind of people you can relate with and know what you are capable of or not.

Understanding others from how they dress, talk, behave, where they go, what they eat e.t.c is the second way of having a healthy relationship in which it will allow you to be able to handle things better with less or no arguements, know your boundries with others, you will know where you are suppose to be or not, you will know how to behave in certain events.

After successfully understanding yourself and understanding others, having a healthy relationship with friends and family will be at your finger tips. i.e easy as ABC


Wake Up!!!

wake up

Sometimes we are in the light but we are in the dark, sometimes we are in the dark but truly in the light.
Sometimes life can put us in a situation we are happy with and also put us in a situation we are not happy with.
Sometimes we are happy for what we have but they are not want we want or need and sometimes sad we don’t have enough but we don’t know we have all we need.
We think we are awake but we are sleeping.
Wake up and stop sleeping
where are you?
Is that where you wish or want to be?
Is that where you are suppose to be?
Make sure you know where you are
Make sure you know you are happy for the right things i.e things you wish, want , expect or comfortable with.
Never be in the dark instead be aware.
That way, the control of your life is in your hands and not in another man’s, constant happiness and peace of mind because you are doing what you want, wish and comfortable with.

How Important is Marriage?


Based on the societial construct, marriage in the past was as important as eating. Marriage was one that was always looked forward to. But marriage now, is being treated with almost no importance. Youths are frustrated because there are alot of things to meet up to and alot of things on our minds e.g  making ends meet, having a balanced social life, taking care of ourselves, trying to satisfy friends and family and so on. Compared to the youths of the pasts, we have more things to meet up that make us not to think about marriage or the importance of marriage.
Ask yourself this question
What is the importance of marriage?
Write your answer on a piece of paper. You’ll need it for the next questions.
What was your answer?
Judging from your answer, how important is marriage to you?
Most of the time, we need to check from our perspective first to be sure we are not the cause of our problems.
In my own opinion, the purpose of marriage is for self developement, companionship, love, care and parenting. We stop learning the moment we die. Being in marriage will enable us to learn more, be a better person for ourselves and for others. Like the popular saying, “Two heads are better than one”. To be alone most times according to research is not healthy.

Do you want to improve on yourself, feel loved, cared for, have a feeling of parenting and have a companion? Looking for that partner to grow with? Then read my posts on how to find/know your life partner and how to be a great partner to your spouse. Make a comment stating the importance of marriage in the comment section to help me and others.

What do you Think you are Doing With Your Life?


What are you doing?
Do you know what you are doing with your life?
How important is what you are doing now to you?
Is what you are doing now, what you are happy with?
If you answered No to the questions above, then what do you think you are doing with your life?

In one of the paragraphs I wrote in my book that will be published before august hopefully and will be available for sale online will help you to answer Yes to the questions above. I wrote “everyone has their own perspective to life , their own rules, how to behave, when to do something or not. Having your own rule or not might not be the most important but doing what makes you happy and fulfilled is the most important”

Answering Yes to the questions means you know what you are doing with your life, you are happy, making progress and making progress is the way to something being successful.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out – Robert Collier.”


Why do we act the way we do?


Why do we hate one another?
Why are we jealous of one another?
Why are we bitter at one another?
Why do we lack love for one another?
Why do others care for one another?
Why do others love one another?
What do we want for us?
What do you want for yourself?
Maybe it’s our different wants that make us act the way we do

To Make is to Break, To Break is to Make


In a normal concept, to break is to rip or to destroy. To make is to develop or to build. The two are both doing something in common which is to produce something new. I want to assume that, with this explanation, you know the conclusion of this article.
Since to make and break is to produce something new, and a new thing can either be bad or good,
In my post titled bad and good, I wrote.
Bad is good and bad
Good is bad and good

In also on one of my posts titled take it or leave it, I wrote.
A situation is only difficult because we think it is difficult.

I will add this to it. A situation is simple because we think it is. While stumbling through the internet, I found 7 surprising health benefits of eating dirts. There are lots of uses of dirts. Sand which is used to grow fruits we eat or trees which are then used to make papper. If we fail to see the good in the bad then we will always see bad in the good. If these things that we call bad are useful, then a bad situation is bad because we think it is bad and good because we think it is good.  Read my post on is enough enough? for more understanding.